Car Tire Repair Kits
Car Tire Repair Kits
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Car Tire Repair Kits
Car Tire Repair Kits
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Car Tire Repair Kits

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5pcs/Lot 8 ML Bicycle Tire Repair Road Mountain Bike Tyre Inner Tube Puncture Repair Rubber Cement Cold Glue Bike Tire Patch


Easy to use, non drip gel formul Use them for tire patching, and other vinyl and rubber repairs A necessary accessory for a cyclist on short or long journeys, used for bicycle tyre inner tube puncture repairing. Capacity: 8 ml/pcs

Instructions for use:

to find out the specific location of the tire leak (want to find the tire leak method is very simple, the gas cylinder to the tire RBI, then the tire into the water can diffuse the tire, you can find The location of a leak, around the location of the leak with a piece rubbing off the smooth surface, the dehydration Tu rub in this plane, the patch removed, affixed to the tire tread, smooth, and then Gently beat a few times on the patch! At the beginning just to make up a good tire, the gas do not play too full Oh, the pressure inside the car is too big, just a good tire is not good! After running out of glue, the glue should be covered back, sealed, or glue will evaporate!


5*Car Tire Repair Kits

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